Welcome to How to Survive a Recession.

The Great Recession that started in 2008 with the housing market crash, followed by a global stock market meltdown - never really ended.

Just about everyone (from the media to the politicians to the bankers to the financial managers) will tell you that the Great Recession is over, but it has not ended and the Central Banks of the world didn't save us - rather they made it much worse. 

The world never recovered from the Great Recession and it probably never will. 

This website is about this reality.  This website is about how to go on with life, how to survive the reality that the recession never ended.  How do you live through a recession?  How do you gather what wealth you have left and make due with it to take care of your family through a recession?  This is what this website is about. 

There are a lot of valuable things that can be learned to improve your life as you survive a recession.